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If it's on Yammer, it's from your team, and that's worthwhile

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10/02/2010 | 0 | Video


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General Description

David Spark here, reporting for Yammer at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

Jared Goralnick is the founder of AwayFind, a web application that monitors your inbox for urgent messages and pushes them to you via any avenue you wish (e.g., SMS alert). From their research, only one message out of 100 is important enough to require an alert. Email is responsible for a lot of garbage and non urgent emails.

Even though Goralnick's business is based on email, he believes it's far from the best tool for communications. His entire team is completely distributed and they rely heavily on Yammer for interoffice communications. It's the one tool they use to get everyone on the same page.

The AwayFind team has been using Yammer for nine months and Goralnick likes it especially for the mobile client. The value of Yammer is that all the communications are from his team, and if it's from his team, then it's worth seeing, said Goralnick. Watch the video as Goralnick explains how he uses Yammer alongside the other communications and project management tools used in his office environment.

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