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Windows 10 Bug Bashes

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06/19/2018 | 0 | Video

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General Description

Windows 10 Bug Bashes are a vehicle that allows for deep engagement of our Windows Insider community. During the course of a release, the Windows team hosts at least one bug bash that encourages the Insiders to provide deep and thoughtful feedback on the product prior to its release to the general public. The Windows organization identifies areas of focus via quests; these quests outline and describe scenarios where we’d like the Insiders to engage. The quests are then published to the Feedback Hub. Insiders then need to log into the Feedback Hub to view the quests and submit whatever feedback they wish the Windows organization to receive. The Windows team then pours over these pieces of feedback and decides how best to address them. This rich connection between the team that creates Windows and the community that lives, works and plays atop Windows helps enable Microsoft to deliver experiences for maximum pleasure and productivity. To join the Insider community, please visit